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Businessman Simulator 2 is a game by Jamboska. The second version of the Businessman Games in web browsers. This game is a flash version of this game, but the game contains businesses and there is a Golden Dollar in one of the businesses in game with the star cost. 

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In the game, players have in control of the first business from the first version of the normal Businessman Simulator game called Gamburgers. The burgers are useful to generate some money per click and a manager will do money per second to automate the business. Like Businessman Simulator Ultimate for Android, the game has improved mini games and you get money better in the game. And has powerups to boost your businesses, but they are useful to instant cash, boost money and business speed and more.


Exchange Stars

Power Click

More Profit

Speed Working

Mini Games[]

Buy Sell



  • There is 2 Instant Cash powerups in the game.
  • Roulette knows as Casino, but it only has variants to get hard-earned money fast!