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Businessman Simulator 3 is a game made by Jamboska. And like other games, but for this game, you are the player you can be in the Vorbis List and conquer the list! And you start with a free burger shop, but you make money so you may hire a manager to get automatically generates money and resources so you make even more money to win the game and get to the top of the Vorbis List to win the game.

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In this game, the businessman Albert Smidt will see the guide tutorial before starting the game. And the player will buy and sell resources in this game. In the Flash version of the game, it may be too old in the game versions. And be the best businessman and be in top of the Vorbis board!

Using the power to the business[]

In the game, you will make business much powerful in our game. And getting trillions of money per second in game will make you awesome, but it will get you a chance to take over the world and conquer the Vorbis List! Buy powerups using coins to increase the power of the business. Some updates later, the game's click upgrade was Double, now it is 2 seconds when you upgrade the powerup.


  • The game has best graphics, business, Vorbis and more.
  • On some updates, the game's numbers have added 8 new ones in the game's numbers.
  • And rabbits was added on the update that you find all 5 of them to win the mission! I cant funda the 5th rabbit