Businessman Simulator Wiki
For the second version of the game Businessman Simulator, see Businessman Simulator 2.

Businessman Simulator Ultimate is a game that is for Android. And the player can sell burgers by tapping on the business bar. And become a quadrillionaire by tapping on the business bars and unlock them by getting stars and money!


In the game, players can play the game better. And available on Android and even you tap on business bars and make money by getting star coins to buy a new business to success! Get the Gamburgers business, then the Pizzeria, and get more business! And use Stars to unlock businesses and your Money to get it. And also it may be a golden dollar at the last business in the bottom of the screen.


  • Exchange Stars
  • Power Click
  • More Profit
  • Speed Working

The powerups are the same fashion way as Businessman Simulator 2.

Mini Games[]

  • Buy Sell
  • Roulette

Same as the game Businessman Simulator 2.


  • Power Click does more experience points to business if you use it in the game.
  • And last, using stars at everything, but you can use it to exchange it to money in game cash.